Black Point Drive

Black Point Drive is a 7 mile, one-way lime rock road through salt and freshwater marshes. Wading birds, shorebirds, raptors, waterfowl, alligators, turtles, otters and other wildlife species can be observed. The drive was built on top of an existing flood control dike.

There are two notable trails along the drive where the tour stops.

The Allan D. Cruickshank Memorial Trail is a 5 mile loop and has access to an observation tower and restrooms. This is a great place to see wading birds and march creatures. The observation tower is a short walk from the parking area and gets you above the mangroves for a spectacular sweeping view.

The trail is named for a famous wildlife photographer who helped establish the refuge.

Wild Bird Trail is a ΒΌ mile loop. This is also a great place to see all types of birds found in the refuge. There are two bird blinds at this stop extending into the marsh, where you can stand above the marsh and see things big and small unobservable from the trail.